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Bluekiri has the team, the knowledge and the technology to architect your digital business. We provide you with a high performance, high availability, cost effective global solution.

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We design, deploy and manage 24/7 the cloud architecture that best suits your business needs. We ensure optimal performance of your servers and applications by identifying the most demanding processes and components of your infrastructure and fine tuning them thanks to our specialized teams. We believe in PRASS: Performance, Reliability, Availability, Scalability and Security. These are the basis for all the projects we develop and manage.

Our methodology accelerates deployments
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Assess, Plan, Deploy, Optimize

Our goal is not to compete with the big public Clouds like Amazon or Azure, on the contrary, we want to be the Enterprise complement for them. In fact, we are partners of Azure and Google Cloud. We understand that each project is unique so it should have a different design and implementation than the previous one. Because of that, we must carefully design the solution we choose. In this way, we architecture and manage a fully optimized multi Cloud environment for our clients.

We want companies to host the most important and critical components of their business with us, in our Enterprise Cloud. So they can obtain better results, greater availability, scalability and better performance, while optimizing costs. These have always been our objectives.

Managed Services

Bluekiri Managed Services is the leading next generation global managed services provider, delivering smart, reliable and secure IT solutions that make an impact on the bottom line, energize businesses and propel innovation. Designed with business in mind, we are totally focused on guiding and enabling our customers on their digital transformation journeys.

We stake everything to track every recent technological trend that will effectively acknowledge all new challenges we are already facing in the extremely competitive travel agents industry. This is how Bluekiri was born.

Far from being a typical Managed Services Provider (MSP), we have a full end-to-end worldwide service offering which, when combined with the resources of Google Cloud Platform such as an extensive network of data centers, and our own Enterprise cloud services, provides our customers with a comprehensive global solution from a single service provider.

Our Enterprise Cloud

We have created our own High Performance (all-Flash) and High Availability Enterprise Cloud infrastructure with 99.999% Service availability.

By using F5, HPE, Hitachi Data Systems, VMware, Ansible and Cisco components, we bring the "cloud" architecture agility to our own infrastructure solution hosted in a High Availability Data Centers.

This new environment provides a solid, reliable and powerful High Performance global solution for the all our enterprise customers.

This is the Enterprise Cloud service your business needs.

Enterprise Cloud Bluekiri
Joan Balaguer Logitravel

“At Logitravel, we operate multiple websites with global reach that require reliability and consistent performance. We were able to achieve superb performance at every component of the web architecture. Bluekiri monitoring interface made it easy to understand costs, diagnose and address issues. Its performance, reliability and monitoring really shows Bluekiri has an enterprise-grade Cloud solution."

Joan Balaguer - Logitravel

Adriano Almeida Roomdi

"We have been working with Bluekiri for +2 years now. Performance, reliability and excellent support are some of the things that you can take for granted. You can focus on building your applications and monetize them, while Bluekiri will take care of everything on server-side."

Adriano Almeida - Roomdi

Samuel Selma Smyrooms

"Bluekiri Support and our dedicated Technical Architect continuously work with our teams to ensure the availability, cost effectiveness and security of our infrastructure running on Bluekiri, ensuring our application would scale to meet our business needs. This translates to providing a great experience for our customers."

Samuel Selma - Smyrooms

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