Bluekiri has the team, the knowledge and the technology to architect and manage your digital business. We provide you with a high performance, high availability, cost effective global solution.

This is all about Managed Services: Infrastructure, Cloud Computing, Data & Software.


They are experts who make high-level design choices and dictate technical standards, including software coding standards, tools, and platforms. They are also engaged in the design of the architecture of the hardware environment and may focus entirely on the design methodology of the code.

Data Analysis

To handle and exploit large amounts of data you need a broad and specialised set of tool and knowledge. But mostly, you need a great infrastructure that can keep up with your analytic needs. We provide the tools, the team and the architecture to make your Data project a reality.


Making 99.999% uptime multi cloud solution a real thing.

Two words: Performance & Reliability.

Software Engineering

One of our main areas of expertise is the development of high performance business applications, adaptable to all resolutions and based on web technology. For every project we work on, we pay special attention to performance, reliability, availability, scalability and security.

What we do

We design, deploy and manage 24/7 the cloud architecture that best suits your business needs. We ensure optimal performance of your servers, applications and data models by identifying the most demanding processes and components of your infrastructure and fine tuning them thanks to our specialized teams. We believe in PRASS: Performance, Reliability, Availability, Scalability and Security. These are the basis for all the projects we develop and manage.


Our team of software and system architects, with broad experience in real-field projects, works closely with your development team, to constantly improve your critical systems.

From simple and minor changes to one-shot or ongoing projects, we design and apply improvements regularly to provide the infrastructure that best matches your business requirements.

We easily set up on-demand as many environments as you need for multiple purposes: development, integration, QA, UAT, staging, pre-production or testing.

Systems Operations

Keep your business running by enhancing all the components in your platform.

We understand your business and your applications requirements, we optimize your systems maximizing performance.

We design optimal systems architectures for your availability, scaling, performance and security requirements.

We do a constant analysis on the performance of all your business components.

Data Engineering

We work to build a robust and scalable data platform to support ETL, reporting, and data analysis as all our customer businesses scales.

We use cutting-edge technologies like Spark, Kafka, and Storm to deliver high-quality data to analysts, data scientists, and partners.

This team uses data and their analytical ability to find and interpret enriched data sources, manage large amounts of data, merge data from varied data sources, ensure consistency of datasets, create visualizations to aid in understanding data, build mathematical models using the data and present and communicate the data insights/findings and produce and present results with dashboards.

Data Science

Their function is to explore and analyze multiple data sources, usually huge, which may also have different formats.

Data Scientists are professionals capable of extracting knowledge from the data with the purpose of conveying recommendations to business leaders.

Extract the data, regardless of its sources and volume. Clean the data, selecting only that which matters.

Processing the data, usually by applying machine learning techniques. View or present data graphically.

Artificial Intelligence Labs

The Bluekiri Artificial Intelligence Lab specializes in adapting and applying the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the creation and delivery of next generation content and to innovating how these advances can be applied at home for the benefit of our customers everywhere.

Blockchain Consultancy

We offer advice on the strategic employment of blockchain technology based on a thorough analysis of your company's profile whilst drafting along your ideas of development. We will assess the potential of blockchain technology in your company and discuss possibilities of optimization.

Time to market optimisation

Bold business decisions can’t wait to be tested and improved. Knowledge, experience and good practices can help you optimise your Time to market.

Optimizing your processes by the use of tools combined with an agile methodology and a DevOps culture will improve your deployments.

Web Engineering

As a full-stack web development company, we deliver a wide range of custom web solutions for small and big businesses in different domains.

With maximum effort and attention to details, we create web apps, services, and sites that accurately answer your expectations and satisfy the specific needs of your company.

Software Testing and QA Services

Our team makes sure your software solutions fully meet your needs and expectations.

Combining well-developed QA processes with modern tools and methodologies, we complete the most challenging projects within time and budget.

Critical Events Management

Be ready to face great peaks of traffic due to specific marketing campaigns, special product launches or just in case you go viral.

Trust in us to keep your architecture highly available and auto scalable. The peace of mind you were waiting for.

Our Enterprise Cloud

We have created our own High Performance (all-Flash) and High Availability Enterprise Cloud infrastructure with 99.999% Service availability.

By using F5, HPE, Hitachi Data Systems, VMware, Ansible and Cisco components, we bring the "cloud" architecture agility to our own infrastructure solution hosted in a High Availability Data Centers.

This new environment provides a solid, reliable and powerful High Performance global solution for the all our enterprise customers.

This is the Enterprise Cloud service your business needs.

Our Clients

These are some of the customers we want to thank for trusting in Bluekiri.

Our Technical Certifications

This is our way to provide a reliable, valid and fair method of assessing skills and knowledge. And we are proud of it.


This is our way to provide a reliable, valid and fair method of assessing skills and knowledge. And we are proud of it.

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