This team is about passionate people working together to make great things. These are the people who boost Bluekiri.
Iñaki Fuentes, CEO

Iñaki Fuentes, CEO. Putting all the pieces together. Iñaki is a passionate team leader with demonstrated ability to transform the efficiency, profitability, and safety of single, multi-site and diverse business solutions with a solid documentation for business start-ups, integrating acquisitions, international business and a good level of customer satisfaction. He has gained significant experience globally by leading projects in Europe, Asia and Australia, as well as giving support for multiple sites.

Iñaki loves to work with passionate people. He thinks that the success of organizations passes through a clear vision of future, a team of committed people and a differrential business model. That is why he utilizes his management skills for the development of Human Resources organization & processes, procedures, critical analysis and problem resolution.

Andreea Mihalcea, Program Manager

Andreea Mihalcea, Program Manager. She started her career at 20, working as a product manager for few innovative technology startups. Being super passionate about technology and how this can impact our lives, in 2012 she cofounded Startupkit the first marketplace for Startup tools in the world. Her entrepreneurial view always led her to very creative and ambitious jobs where a methodical approach is always welcomed. Super passionate about data she joined the quantified-self movement early days, and one of her dreams is to use data science to make excellent products for people to use.

Software Architecture

They are experts who make high-level design choices and dictate technical standards, including software coding standards, tools, and platforms. They are also engaged in the design of the architecture of the hardware environment and may focus entirely on the design methodology of the code.

Jesús Corrius, CSA (Chief Software Architect)

Jesús Corrius, CSA (Chief Software Architect). Jesús is another of our computer Engineers, but he has something that makes him different. His degree in Computer sciences and his master in financial mathematics, together with a wide experience for more than 20 years makes him essential. Jesús is a pro in programming procedures of computer systems and in App’s internalisation. He was also a programming systems professor in the UOC International Master in Free Software and a founding member of the Free Office Project where he played the role of a counselor in the management board from 2011- 2014.

Jordi Oliver, Software Architect

Jordi Oliver, Software Architect. This boy here, is a computer engineer who started his career as a Web developer. Being such a young man, Jordi, became fastly one of our biggest assets in our Software Architecture department due to his incredible professionalism, high versatility and technological commitment. He’s a design passionate as well as being very keen of Software deployment escalating solutions. Jordi is also enthusiastic about applications which define the app live circle (ALM). If you ever have any problem in your web app skills and you ever meet him, you can hire him! (well, not really...). C# and Go are his favourite languages.

Fernando Arias, Software Architect

Fernando Arias, Software Architect. Fernando is an experienced computer engineer with an enormous experience as a consultant and Microsoft Technology trainer. His deep knowledge of development tools, continuous integration process, his rich sense of humour and incredible wisdom makes him an essential player of our team. Fernando is music lover and his secret dream is to have his own radio show “ Levantate y Arias”. His favourite languages are C# and VB.NET.

Carlos Lisandra, Software Architect

Carlos Lisandra, Software Architect. He’s a reliable and skilled technical engineer who has been working throughout his career in different front and back end areas. Carlos, became fastly an impressive full-stack developer with high adaptability in different environments and deep knowledge of the different programming languages. You don’t need to sleep on it, If you ever experiment a problem in your application performances. Maybe, our archer, fan of role games, can hit the bull’s-eye.

Rubén Bustos, Junior Software Architect

Rubén Bustos, Junior Software Architect. Developer, eager to learn about new technologies targeted to web development. He passes round his enthusiasm when he faces new challenges. He’s lately interested in continous integration and deployment. May the music be with you...

Rafael Dorado, Bots Architect

Rafael Dorado, Bots Architect. Entrepreneur who founded two tech companies before his 30th birthday. Problem solving is Rafa’s forte. After graduating with a Computer Engineering degree followed by an MBA, Rafa has spent the last 10 years leading and developing IT projects. He loves to face challenges involving business, innovation and development. Rafa's current challenge at Bluekiri is to disrupt the travel agent industry with its new chatbot platform.

Debbie O'Brien, Frontend Architect

Debbie O'Brien, Frontend Architect. Debbie is an enthusiastic doer, a serial learner, a hard worker, and a fighter at heart (literally, she has a a IV degree black belt in Taekwondo!). She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Front End Web Design and Full Stack Javascript, among many others. Talk to her about HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, JQuery, Node.js, Express, React, Angular or git and she will teach you a few things you didn't know. People like Debbie represent the spirit and temper of Bluekiri.

Technical Architecture

The architecture is the primary carrier of system qualities such as performance, modifiability, and security, none of which can be achieved without a unifying architectural vision.

David Verderjo, CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

David Verderjo, CTO (Chief Technology Officer). This boy, has always been working with information system in spite of his degree in telecommunications engineer. He ows multiple certificates in several areas such as operational systems, infrastructures and Databases. His challenges are new technologies implementation and leverage from companies. He is our A team Leader and loves saying: “I love it when a plan comes together” :)

Alejandro Santamarta, Technical Architect

Alejandro Santamarta, Technical Architect. Alex is an Computer engineer who, in spite of his youth, collects a vast experience as a systems’ manager and data bases. Alex carries on his back PMP, Databases, Oracle, Oracle Linux y Oracle Weblogic certificates. His major asset is fighting against Databases performance. If you find one of this problems, here comes your man. He’s the musical note in the team, if you can, don’t miss his gigs.

Juan Barberá, QA Manager

Juan Barberá, QA Manager. Juan started his career as a system administrator. Thanks to his efforts and adaptability, he’s now an expert automatisering quality controls for web applications, as well as working with agile methods. Juan is the Valencian “Chuck Norris” and bugs are shaking their legs, fearing the App’s deployment process in QA setting.


Making 99.999% uptime a real thing. Just one word: Reliability.

Xavier Villalonga, COO (Chief Operations Officer)

Xavier Villalonga, COO (Chief Operations Officer). He spent the last 15 years focusing on virtualisation. He also offers a wide experience designing,upgrading and implementing high efficiency solutions. He’s obsessed with kpis, graphics and metrics.

Luis Alarcon, SysOps Front Team Leader

Luis Alarcon, SysOps Front Team Leader. Young, but highly prepared and with a wide experience in high availability environments and heavily loaded servers , he possesses a wide experience managing virtual environments. What’s more, he’s our Applen fan boy, He owns every Apple device.

Toni Mas, SysOps Back Team Leader

Toni Mas, SysOps Back Team Leader. Ex university professor and Engineer by the Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB) and passionate of OpenSource. His career was geared towards Databases, as well as being a professor and a manager. His biggest asset is his analytical ability which is capable to find hidden problems, nobody noticed before. He can also predict possible technological errors. Whenever he can, he loves trekking,running...

Vicenç Tomàs, SysOps Back Team Leader

Vicenç Tomàs, SysOps Back Team Leader. An OpenSource fan who focused the last 2 years gettting an expertise in Big data related services. His everyday is full of queued services and processing streaming services, NoSQL Databases. He’s fond of cooking and is an acknowledged chef.

Ana Escorza, Security Manager

Ana Escorza, Security Manager. This girl is an experienced developer working with in Fullstack. An enthusiastic and uneasy woman when she is getting deep knowledge about computing or while dealing with in SysOps environments. She's very concerned about security too. She likes music, practising sports and she is our Karate girl with a brown belt.

Juan Antonio García, SysOps Specialist

Juan Antonio García, SysOps Specialist. The Databases specialist, although his Unix, GNU- Linux, virtualisation and storage knowledge is more than wide. To tell the truth, he’s a master in any technological issue. You can best describe him as a perfectionist, always looking for excellence. His privileged mind can remember all IMDb data, he knows every film!

Maxi Fiorini, SysOps Engineer

Maxi Fiorini, SysOps Engineer. Maxi is an engineer with a wide experience working with virtualised Datacenters, Managing Microsoft environment and perimetral web and firewall. He obtained certificates such as VCP-D by VMware, MCP by Microsoft y CCNA by Cisco. He is a bike lover, either mountain or road. He is not only a biker but the best Argentinian grill chef you will ever find.

Miguel Crisol, SysOps Engineer

Miguel Crisol, SysOps Engineer. A technician expert in user critical environments. He has an expanded knowledge managing web services and also, managing high availability and efficiency platforms. His hobbies are Speed and Cars.

Javier Andueza, SysOps Engineer

Javier Andueza, SysOps Engineer. This boy is mainly focused into automatising and processing data. His biggest asset is his ability to look for simple execution processes and his unfinishable curiosity to learn about new technologies. When he’s not working, he’s a total gamer who loves increasing his gaming consoles and videogames collection.

Gabriel Llop, SysOps Engineer

Gabriel Llop, SysOps Engineer. Gabriel is an expert technician managing Databases. He’s the star who shines due to thoroughness. He never leaves anything to chance.

Patrick Monti, SysOps Engineer

Patrick Monti, SysOps Engineer. Patrick is our specialised technician managing web services and high availability and efficiency platforms. He stands out for his methodical work, he’s always looking for perfection. On his spare time he either drinks or makes beer.